Happy Halloween Safety Tips

1. Select a costume that makes your child easily visible in the dark to improve Halloween safety. Putting glow lights or reflective materials may help to identify your child more easily in the dark. Take a flashlight with you to help you see in the dark.

2. Identify your child in case of an emergency. You can write your name and number with a marker on their arm or place a name tag on them with that information.

3. Practice Halloween route in the day time to help your child become familiar with the path they will take when trick or treating.

4. Read a social story about trick or treating with your child. Children’s books about trick or treating may help your child visualize and prepare for what to expect.

5. Practice the sequence of trick or treating to help your child familiarize themselves with what to do and say. i.e. First, you will knock on the door/ring the doorbell. Next, you will say the phrase “trick or treat/happy Halloween,” to the person at the door. Then, you will open your bag for candy. Last, you will say “thank you.”

6. If possible take a first aid kit, a bottle of water and snack in your bag to help with any unexpected need. Bug spray, extra flashlights and noise cancelling headphones may also be helpful.

7. Don’t forget to check your child’s candy. Be watchful of the treats as some children may have food sensitivities. Be careful not to let your child eat too much candy or they could get a tummy ache.

Have Fun!! We hope you have a wonderful safe Halloween!


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