SPACE is a comprehensive therapeutic clinic designed to serve all kids in all areas and stages of development through therapy, classes, events, camps, play and parties – all under one roof!

We explore, imagine, and create a world for kids to develop social skills and friendships while building their confidence and self-esteem in a supported, fun environment.

square feet clinic and multi-level indoor gym

S.F. of outdoor space for games, gardening, sports, hide and seek, water play and more

Group of friends playing outside
Group of friends playing outside
Young girl in a yoga pose

The Value of Play!

At SPACE we value interactive play and theme-based learning as a developmental tool to help children build interpersonal, emotional and intellectual skills. 

Play is vital for the child’s total development!

  • Problem-solving skills
  • Initiation and memory
  • Concept formation
  • Language skills
  • Eye-hand co-ordination
  • Coping & empathy skills
  • Making connections
  • Transferring and applying knowledge
  • Fosters comparison, categorizing and pattern finding

Meet our SPACE Gym Program Director

As the SPACE Gym Director, Cris develops programs through groups and camps at an affordable cost. Her specialized groups will allow children the opportunity to play in an innovative, supportive, and fun gym, sign up for SPACE gym classes and specialized camps such as Social Thinking Curriculum, and so much more.

Cris Marie Mireles

Cris Marie Mireles

B.S., SLP Assistant


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