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Classes & Groups

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SPACE offers specialized classes created from a developmental lens that targets opportunities to support healthy development in the areas of communication, motor, and social-emotional development. These classes are perfect when your child needs a little extra support, or as an extension of therapy when insurance benefits expire.

Innovative solutions that put families first

SPACE Provides therapeutic classes for when you child needs a little extra support, or as an extension of therapy when insurance beneftis expire.

Innovative solutions that put families first

Growth Can be fun!

Mommy & Me

parent coaching

This class supports the parent-child relationship from a developmental perspective. Informational handouts in addition to coaching incorporate rhythmic interactions, music, and FloortimeⓇ strategies will strengthen your connection.

Buddy Bonding

playdates & social beginnings

This class will allow children to learn about relationships through joyful interactions with peers. Through the use of music, bubbles, ball play, and more, your child will develop meaningful connections that are an innate part of human interaction.

Rhyme Time


The rhythm and joys of music promote language development. This class utilizes favorite nursery rhymes, children’s music, rhythmic movements, fun musical instruments and more to support your child’s verbal and non-verbal communication.

Fingers Factory

fine motor

This class will target fine motor development through fun and exciting tabletop activities. Painting, handwriting, and creative crafts will provide an opportunity to strengthen your child’s hand muscles and promote fine motor coordination.


Motor Maze

obstacle courses

Children get moving and grooving during this class to promote motor planning, processing, and direction following in a group setting. Participants form ideas as a group, create obstacle courses with fun equipment, and navigate through the group’s planned course.

Golden Heart


Join us as we support positive, healthy habits through fun and engaging cardio activities! This class uses dance, jumping jacks, jump ropes, freeze dance, targeted exercises and so much more to promote childhood cardiovascular health.

Feel the Fun


The tactile sensory system plays an important role in how we receive and interpret information through touch. This class will expose your child to fun tactile experiences using sensory bins, shaving cream, sand, putty, finger painting, and more.

Healthy Horizons

general health & fitness

This class will promote physical movement and education positively targeting your child’s health. Movements and activities from physical education courses will be incorporated in this class for increased participation in motor experiences.

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FAQs About Classes

What are the benefits of a specialized gym class?
  • Opportunities for support, practice, and repetition to develop stronger developmental skills in an innovative environment led by trained professionals  
  • Fine-tune lagging communication and motor skills
  • Integration!  Programming is created by speech pathologists, occupational therapists, and physical therapists with the whole body in mind!
  • Affordable option to target developmental activities
  • Supplemental classes to support current therapies 
  • Develop friendships, build confidence and self-esteem
  • Hands-on opportunities for caregivers to learn how to play with their child effectively.
  • FUN!  
What areas of development do gym classes target?
  • Gross & fine motor skills
  • Communication and Social Skills
  • Pre-Academic & Academic skills to promote success in school
  • Building self-confidence 
  • Promoting attention in group settings
  • FUN ways to get kids focusing on fitness & health!
  • Social Emotional Development
Who created the programming for gym classes?

All gym classes were created by Speech-Language Pathologists, Occupational Therapists and Physical Therapists from a developmental lens.

Are specialized gym classes right for my child?

Gym classes are structured to fit all types of needs and abilities of children at various levels.  Instructors are available to support you to find the best fit.

What if the specialized gym class is not the right fit?

Gym instructors will work with you to find a class or develop a class that is a better fit for your child. Instructors are here to support and guide you to services that may be recommended such as therapies.  For children who may need more support, parents join to support participation and use this as a hands-on learning opportunity for activities to include in the home!

How does Open Gym Play differ from a Class?

Any child can access open gym play during business hours under parent/caregiver supervision with purchase of individual play pass or open play packages (one play entry pass required per child.) Child(ren) will have access to the 2 level gym side of the clinic and will enjoy playing on the state of the art equipment in a safe environment. Based on the activities of the day, the gated outdoor area will also be accessible for some fun!  

Classes are offered on specific days and times and must be scheduled. Classes are designed for children to participate in fun supported small groups, led by a Trained SPACE Instructor. A parent can choose a class based on the developmental area of choice, Child can attend classes as an (independent) dropped off and picked up from class, or as a (beginner) requiring a parent to join a class.

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