Family First Speech Therapy and Kids Connect Occupational Therapy Announce Merger

Contact info:
Name: Vanessa Chan-Felcman Organization: Family First Speech Therapy, LLC
Address: 805 Rhode Place, Ste 350, Houston, TX 77019
Phone: +1-713-522-8880

Name: Michelle Reed
Organization: Kids Connect Occupational Therapy, LLC
Address: 805 Rhode Place, Ste 350, Houston, TX 77019
Phone: +1-713-522-8880


HOUSTON, TX – Family First Speech Therapy and Kids Connect Occupational Therapy have announced today the planned merger of their practices to bring you SPACE Therapy & Gym, a SPACE that provides all forms of effective pediatric therapy treatment interventions and indoor and outdoor play options for every child and their family under one roof.

Family First Speech Therapy, founded in January 2014 by Vanessa Chan-Felcman, provides speech and language therapy for children with receptive/expressive delays, articulation disorders, fluency disorders, voice disorders, social pragmatic challenges or those with a diagnosis such as autism. In addition to extensive training in DIR®/Floortime™, Vanessa and her team are trained in many therapeutic models including Hanen, Talk Tools, PECS, and PROMPT.

Kids Connect Occupational Therapy, founded in June 2014 by Michelle Reed, provides children with occupational therapy interventions including, specialized sensory integration treatments, Integrated Listening Systems (iLs), the Safe and Sound Protocol, handwriting and school readiness programs, and therapeutic listening among other services. Michelle’s therapy team provides services for all children ages birth through 21 and specializes in children with autism, sensory processing challenges, ADD/ADHD, and learning disabilities.

Both practices follow the systematic DIR® / Floortime™ model. DIR® stands for Developmental, Individual Differences, and Relationship-Based approach. A highly effective assessment and treatment model that focuses on relationships by strengthening the child’s core capacities for functional and emotional development. Floortime™ is a way of working with a child that focuses on the child’s developmental capacities. It involves interactive play that helps the child build interpersonal, emotional and intellectual skills.

The two practices have been strategic partners since opening in 2014 and have now joined forces with the goal of providing multidimensional treatment and a holistic approach to maximizing a child’s potential. After years of working closely with their families, the two wanted to create a SPACE that could be a solution to the many challenges that parents of children with unique needs face.

“It’s been hard to watch our families struggle to balance the many recommended therapies. Our SPACE, will allow us the opportunity to offer all related disciplines under one roof while also providing affordable program options for those with limited or no insurance coverage. We envision our indoor gym to meet the needs of the entire family so that siblings and friends can have fun too!”

“Many times a child is running out of therapy sessions by the third or fourth month of the year due to insurance coverage cuts. Now a child can get the treatment he deserves, for the duration he deserves, and at a price that families can afford. Also, sometimes our families feel defeated around childhood experiences that are typically exciting and fun, such as birthday parties, playdates and other social gatherings. So we want to provide a fun and safe place where everyone feels accepted and where children can participate at their own rate and build friendships successfully.” – Michelle Reed.

With a combined 36 years of pediatric therapy experience, Vanessa and Michelle are bringing a much needed new SPACE to Houston. It will be the only facility in the greater Houston area that will provide their beloved DIR® / Floortime™ Model, while also offering what some physicians consider to be the gold standard treatment of autism, which is applied behavior analysis (ABA).

The opening of the new clinic and multi-level indoor gym is highly anticipated and will be available in the Fall of 2019. The customized SPACE will meet the specific needs of many families.


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