SPACE Therapy & Gym Takes Extra Safety Precautions to Keep Kids Safe


With schools back in session and continued concerns with COVID, SPACE continues to prioritize safety measures and strictly follows CDC guidelines. All of our staff do a wonderful job following our COVID procedures, which can be found right here:

We can’t thank @germwrap enough for continuing to keep our SPACE clean and safe for our kiddos and families to enjoy!

Please check out this fun video showing the great work that they do! 

GermWrap® Solutions

Quick & Touchless – 5-minute dwell time (time necessary to eliminate pathogens – Including COVID-19).

Precise – Electrostatic application provides 360 of comprehensive coverage. Disinfectant can adhere to those nooks & crannies difficult to reach with traditional disinfecting methods.

Organic/Halal/Kosher EPA Approved Disinfectant – Broad Spectrum 99.9999% effective & 100% virucidal – Our disinfectant is safe & can be found on the N-list (EPA#9804-1).


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